Broken Down by the Med

Yesterday's shockingly early start was not repeated luckily - it had been a 4.30am breakfast! I got out of my tent at 6.45am to find I was the only one up - a quick dip in the cold river then tea and my breakfast porridge to start the day, before anyone else was stirring. 

We made fast progress this morning and I found myself going quite fast keeping pace with the pick up truck as we headed to our next filming spot. We were on the dual carriageway south of the town of Kemer when disaster struck - there was a sudden drop in height and my speed slowed. I pulled over and urgently radioed to the others that I was no longer following them. Son the whole convoy was spread along the hard shoulder and the various people converged to find out what the problem was.

Looking down I could see exactly what was wrong - the shock absorber had completely broken, the back end of the bike had dropped dramatically and the mudguard was resting on the tyre.

Hey hey

Hi Tiffy,

I was so thrilled to see you are doing this. How very fab. Hope your shock is soon sorted and you are back on the road.

love Vicky. x

Rear shock

Hmmmmmmm, I seem to remember a saga at the start of your last trip with rear shocks, is this a recall for BMW GS's as well as Toyotas?

Oh, if you need any tyres brought out I  now class myself an expert in this departmentand will gladly bring them.

Best of luck and glad your enjoying it, hope you have not injured the cameraman yet!?!!

Ian xx 


What a bummer! I know exactly how you feel now. Did you guys have a spare? Probably not, right?