Breaking for the Border

The Azerbaijan border was closed but now seems Ok, but the fright of it is enough to convince me that I had better not hang about much longer if the borders are so volatile.

The bank unexpectedly gave me the card back earlier than expected - possibly, I suspect because I was staking out their entrance and approaching anyone smartly dressed and smug-looking (no stereotypes from me) and asking if they were the bank manager. This meant I was free to leave Borjomi.

I will have to give up waiting for my brake disc to arrive (7 days speedy delivery guaranteed? well, 0 days laetr and still no sign). I'll continue with my dodgy brake (definitely don't tell my Mum about that) and see what I can get sorted- Greg, I know you have been worrying about it since Romania- sorry to put you under more stress.


I am going to push for the Azerbaijan border- and I've been hearing nasty tales about what is beyond...

What sort of nasty tales?

* fortnightly feather cuts mandatory?
* even bigger bears & no pointy sticks to shake at them?
* border guards doing MOTs?
* foreign bikers' compulsory stint on Eastern European TV chat shows?
* or worst of all - teaching A level Drama at Truro College?????