Break for the Border

I said goodbye to Miriam and Mick thanking him for all his help, I could't have done it without him ( I set off in pouring rain and the wet weather followed me all the way to Canada, it was a bit of a shock as I haven't seen rain since LA. At the border I joined the queue and was asked about any weapons I might be carrying, I replied:

"I'm English, we don't do weapons" which the border guard thought was quite funny.

Finding my way through the rain soaked outskirts of Vancouver was a bit of a challenge, addresses over here are lots of numbers such as 82nd Street and 160th Avenue, just as I was getting the numbers on the street signs to match up, a curved road would appear and the numbers would change to names, leaving me a bit lost.

I stayed with Grant and Susan who run the Horizons Unlimited website, although they live in the UK, they were over here visiting relatives and kindly put me up for the night. We talked bikes and travelling all evening, while my bike gear hung up in the utility room quietly dripped.