Boyfriend's Christmas Present

It's true,  he's done well this year has got me a great present - a GPS tracking device so that he (and the rest of the world) will be able to follow me on my travels and have a rough idea of where I am when I'm not at home. Full marks to you Ian on that one.


My Christmas Day involved not only opening presents but I also headed down to the beach and took part in the annual fancy dress swim in the sea. A bracing experience it was too. Particularly as the last swim I'd had was at the Yucatan where the sea temperature was 25 degrees (centigrade) and down here in Cornwall it's more like 8 degrees if I'm lucky.

A brief but memorable dip, my brothers were ready with their cameras and those photos will surface soon.

Nice toy

Hey Tiff, great to have you home safe.

Your new toy could add a nice dimension to your new pics. If you keep the digital camera's clock fairly accurate then you can use free software to match up the GPS log with the images and therefore encode all the coordinates into the photos. That way you do all sorts of fun things with your photos in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Speaking of photos, when are you going to post some Japan and Americas piccies?

Cheesy. xx

Pictures and Technology

HI Mike

Thanks for the tip about combining the two techno things, you can be my technical adviser for that. Yes, yes photos will be coming, just casting about for the time to do it.

In the meantime the Japanese BMW bike magazine has published a four page interview with pictures of me, I'm not sure if it is available anywhere on the web, they have been kind enough to post me a hard copy.