Bloody Wolves...

I had a great time yesterday at Bob's BMWs, lots of people interested in my presentation about my globetrotting travels with minimal heckling (this is the USA!) and many questions afterwards about how I do it and why a BMW. Always easy to reply as I have been riding Thelma now for 13 years and she has never let me down.

Whilst I was there the workshop blokes at Bob's took a look at my dodgy speedo clock- for those who may recall, I was chased by wolves a couple of weeks ago in Labrador, and in my haste to get away from them, Thelma and I hit a rock in the ground at high speed, which made the speedo needle drop to zero. It has only worked intermittently since then, though I have mastered the technique of removing my glove, getting my hand under the dashboard and re-attaching the cable to the back of the speedo clock, all whilst riding along at 40 mph (don't tell my Mum).

The speedo finally refused to cooperate a few days ago, the guys at Bob's took a look and announced it was completely broken, they set to work and cannibalised another old clock and somehow bodged a new one that fitted back onto Thelma. I can now measure my distances a bit more accurately.

great presentation

Tiffany, I enjoyed your presentation and hearing about your travels. God speed.

For those of us who weren't at Bobs BMW last weekend...

...can you tell us the 'chased by wolves' story? You mentioned it in passing, but it sounds like something that might stick in the mind a little... also sounds like a cracking story :-).

The Wolves

As I rode the gravel tracks of Labrador, at one point as I passed through a construction zone, I saw two dogs by the side of the road. On closer inspection I realised they were wolves, at which point they started to run towards me. I immediately accelerated away, taking Thelma rapidly up to 50 mph and at the same time hitting a small rock that was semi-buried in the ground. When I next looked at the speedo needle I saw it just dropping all the way back to zero.

Don't worry though, I managed to get photos of one of the wolves as a bit further on, I felt brave enough to stop and get my camera out, using it on zoom. I don't know about it being a cracking story but it was definitely a scary point of my travels.

Another day in the life of Tiffany Coates, clearly... :-o

Glad that your more recent run of... errr... happenings has left you mostly in one lump! Tarmac brake dancing make look cool, but you really should leave it to the backwards baseball cap crowd...