Bitten by a Black Widow Spider

Or at least I think that's what it was.

On top of almst getting crushed by the trees that awful night last week. As I made my way across the field there was a very, very sharp pain on my foot. I kicked off my boot (sorry Dad, I was wearing them unlaced, but in my defence it was a hell of a night and tying proper bows was the last thing on my mind). In the dark I couldn't see anything but the pain took a long time to subside. I wasn't sure what had caused it but at that point I had other things to sort out.

Later, back in my tent I used my torch and noticed a puncture mark on my foot, around it, my foot was already swelling up and going red. The bite area itself had gone numb, I thought perhaps it had been a snake bite of some sort, and i know they have some nasty snakes here in America. There wasn't a lot I could do as I certainly wasn't about to go back into the danger zone and get Thelma to go looking for a hospital on such a stormy night. I just dabbed some lavender oil on the bite area and went off to sleep hoping for the best and comforted myself with the thught that I don't think anyone has ever died from a snake bite on their bunion.


Over the next few days, my foot swelled quite alarmingly and was purple and blotchy particularly around the bite mark. I ws feeling OK I think. It was a bit sifficult to walk due to the swelling nt allowing my foot to flex. I also had a bit of rash goingup my shin.

When I mentioned it to someone, she said it may have been aspider bite - bloody hell I thought, I didn't know they had poisonous spiders out here. She said she had once been bitten by a Brown Reckless spider - a good name for a spider, and she tought my symptoms sounded similar.

Later, at the public library in Nashville I saw a book about spiders and looked up the reckless to find out it's actually a recluse spider (must have been the Tennessee accent that fooled me). The symptoms didn't sound too similar, but then on the next page I found some informationa bout Black Widow Spiders and a LOT of the symptoms matched up. So I think that must have been what had bitten me, I found a book about snakes and none of that matched up. 11 days later there is still some swelling and redness with the puncture mark still visible.

But hey, it looks like I'll survive to see another trip.