Bears Part Two

Having laid out my waterproof jacket and sleeping mat (apologies for the break in transmission as a fellow traveller had arrived so I went off for a social chit chat- a Berliner on a bicycle going to Japan, we'll probably meet up again somewhere on the road in Azerbaijan)...

I noticed it was a bit breezy on the path so I dragged fallen branches, logs and bark to create a windbreak and filled the gaps with leaf mould (Charlie Coates- you would have been proud), I was pleased with the result and felt it looked quite cosy despite the fact it was laid out on a footpath- unfortunately my camera is in Tibs being repaired so no photographic evidence. I ate my dinner- rice with lentil goulash, cooked the night before at my homestay (accommodation with local family- who would be horrified if they could see me).

the next task was to tie my food up in a bag and suspend it from a tree (Alaskan training again), I was half disappointed/relieved to realise my plaited grass stems would not be put to the test after all as I noticed my compass had a cord attached. Now came the most dangerous part of the trip, climbing a tree on the side of an exceedingly steep slope in semi-darkness holding a bulging bag of food in my teeth. High enough I tied it onto a protruding barnch and slithered back down and returned to camp.

 Sharpened sticks by my side (in case of whatever) and I actually dropped off to sleep quite quickly- only to be woken two hours later by rain so I attached the waterproof to the windbreak to create a sloping roof that tucked under my feet and was even cosier.


I had been told that the wolves can be heard at night which I was half-hoping I might hear, but to be honest I was a bit worried about what I would do if I heard them close by - either they were quiet that night or I was sleeping so soundly I didn't hear a thing.

In the morning I enjoyed a lie-in listening to all the birds before retrieving my food and heading out of the mountains to the nearest village and hitched back to town. So, no wolves, bears or lynx for me, in fact the only wildlife I saw were several birds, two caterpillers, a lizard and half a snake - it was alive but trying to retreat down a hole as I was trying to get a good look at it - sorry Claudio not much of a description to go on for your snake observer's book- it was brown with a black stripey pattern down the sides.