Bear Attacks in N America

I've just heard a news report on the radio about a bear attacking campers in Yellowstone National Park- one person was killed and two were injured. Oh great, just as I am about to hit the road again with plans to camp, I hear that sort of news. I'm already very wary about bears after my close encounters in Alaska. 

Trying to get more information via the Internet I came across the following info on Wikipedia, a morbidly fascinating list of fatal bear attacks over the years.


Bear Attacks

Personally, I feel sorry for any bear that wakes Tiff up in the early hours and has to suffer the consequences!!


Ian x




True words as spoken by the light of my life...

Bears absent in Europe

Just think, soon the lower 48 USA will have a large enough bear population to start re-populating Europe!

R-in Boise

Hello Tiffany, We are looking

Hello Tiffany,

We are looking forward to meet you in person. Take good care of yourself. 


Mr and Mrs Brown from Yosemite.

Corporate Generosity

I heard the motorbike company is paying to have all the bears GPS tagged.  It won't help Tiffany but it will add interest to looking at the satellite tracker.