Beach Break

I'm sort of used to occasionally breaking down in the middle of nowhere (or at least it generally gives the appearance of being nowhereville), but what I'm not used to is then using a personal walkie talkie to screech out:"Oh no, I've had to pull off the road the shock has collapsed, and oh shit it looks bad"this being followed up by three support vehicles pulling u-turns in the main road and racing back in response to my squawk. I was extremely impressed, I then had all eleven of the crew inspecting the damage and making decisions about what to do. Team Rocket has no equal in my opinion. While the discussions are going on, I take my penknife out of my tankbag lean down and slash at the cable-tie holding the centre stand in place, enabling me to get off the bike and heave her up onto the stand - though this feat did entail a few helping hands as the bike was now at least eight inches lower than normal.

The shock absorber was quickly removed and sent to the nearest town, Finike, for some emergency repairs. While all I had to do was sit back in the disco bus, sip a cold drink and relax whilst listening to plans B and C being put into place via a multitude of phone calls.

As luck would have it, this partıcular breakdown occurred right next to a beach and before long the lure of the turquoise blue Mediterranean proved too much to resist and I sneaked off for a quick dip in my vest and knickers. Only to turn around and find Matt (the director) and Trevor setting up the camera on the edge of the beach. Dawn, the locatıon producer, who had joined me for the swım protested and they sheepishly took down the tripod and slunk back to the bus.

A couple of hours later and the shock absorber was brought back, fitted into place and I tightened the nuts for the benefit of the cameras.