Baja: Bikini and Balaclava

I've travelled through extremes of temperatures on this journey but none more so than the other day in Baja California, Mexico. Although I had packed light for the trip down from LA, I had included my cashmere stuff from Mongolia and how glad I was. Crossing the Central Desert of Baja I think we must have been at a bit of altitude as it felt quite cold. I gradually added to the clothing I was wearing until I had six layers under my bike jacket (in Siberia it was seven) and I had my thermal balaclava on. And yet mid-afternoon, we reached the sea of Cortez and it was hot, so hot in fact that almost all of the layers were removed and I ended up down to my bikini to cool down by having a swim in the sea.

The Balaclava Question

I´ve been asked by a couple of people exactly what is a balaclava...

Well it is an item of clothing much beloved by terrorists throughout the world (ski masks I think they are called in the States) in that it covers the whole head and much of the face. For me it performs the useful twofold function when motorbiking of keeping my head warm and also keeping my hair out of my face (especially after bouffant Georgian hairdos).

Cashmere?! And there we all

Cashmere?! And there we all were, thinking you were roughing it.......

cat x

roughing it

HI Cat and all at Trelya

Well, I have been roughing it, the cashmere collection is from a desperate shopping trip in Mongolia, as the snow started falling, I had realised I'd better get some warm layers for Siberia. And was very pleased to find just how cheap cashmere is in Mongolia so I got kitted out with hat, jumper, gloves and socks.

  we were talking about your


we were talking about your hats only the other day... I hope it has ear flaps?

Everybody here is cold and under-dressed in your absence Tiff, we need you back before hypothermia sets in...