Back to the USA

And a not so friendly welcome from the US Border Officials, all my stuff was searched, I had to empty all my pockets which included numerous tissues, as I commented, "when you're on the road, you never know when you'll be caught short and there's no loo roll available"

They were obviously working on the premise of guilty until proven innocent - what were they accusing me of I hear you say. The heinous crime of working in the States illegally. Despite my scruffy appearance, well-worn in bike, map with all my international routes displayed on it, they were convinced I was working in America. With glee they pounced on my "business cards" this was type of evidence they were hoping to find, the glee turned to disappointment when they realised that actually they are just travel contact cards that I give to people I meet on the road who are interested in following my website and staying in touch.

An item of particular interest to them was my onion - they wanted to know if it was yellow or white, I replied I was unsure but that it was American, a sigh of relief all round as they agreed that was OK. But then they asked "what are you going to do with it - "eat it raw or cook it?" I was caught between a rock and a hard place, if I answered raw, would be proof of depraved of subversive behaviour and therefore I should not be allowed in, but if I said I was going to cook it, would that lead to more complicated questions about what type of cooker, why am I carrying petrol in my luggage. I decided honesty was the best policy (for once) and agreed that I would be cooking it; phew they seemed to have no problems with that. whilst waiting for the rest of the interview to be completed I amused myself by reading all the FBI Wanted posters on the wall - a bunch of pretty desperate looking people.

Finally I was cleared to cross over into the States - I'll be running a sweepstake for my next US border crossing where people can guess just how long I will be detained. The prize will be a day of riding on Thelma with me.

USA Border Crossing



I wish it was just an unusual occurance, however they treat us all the same.  I had easier border crossing in Africa and Asia

Rude Borders

I know Canadian friends who have had similar experiences going into the UK so I shouldn't really complain- but I know quite a few other people who have been refused entry to the US despite being on bona fide bike trips like mine.