Attention Alex

Alex, you sent me a message via the get in touch link, please re-send it as the message was deleted by my email account.


For the rest of you, if you have sent messages using the Contact Tiffany link, I do always respond, but I've been made aware that sometimes these messages seem to disappear, away into the lost world of Cyber space. Please try again if you have not received a response from me.

Current Location

Greetings Tiffany. We missed you in Arizona but we are back after a visit to home (Australia) over Christmas / New Year. Heading to Mexico from Phoenix in a week or so. Where will you be then and which way are you going... Carol & Ken Duval

At Home

Hi Carol and Ken,

I won't be back in the States for a while as i'll be heading East again this summer (more details in an upcoming blog). However there is a chance I'll be at the Horizons Unlimited meeting in California in October- are you planning on going to that one?


If not, I'll hopefully catch up with you on the road somewhere in the World!