Are Skunks Heavy Breathers?

I had a long ride across Texas, from Pinky the christian clown and her RV in Port Arthur (her ministry is to be a clown) and she was a perfect hostess for me to Sonny and Sammie-Kay in Austin and then on over the eastern state line into New Mexico. I had a night camped wild near Ozona where I was woken at midnight by the sound of heavy breathing and snuffling outside of my tent. I realised it wasn't human and peered out of the window, i could only see a shadowy shape as the moon was tiny, I thought it must be a coyote but when I shone my torch it fled into the bushed leaving a bit of a rank smell. As I drifted off to sleep again I remember thinking

"I must find out if coyotes are smelly animals" In the cold light of day I realised my mistake as it dawned on me that it most probably was a skunk.

I did my longest day of riding yet as i left Ozona - (wait for the hitch hiker story) and it turned out to be well over 600 miles to Albuquerque but as I didn't have a map of New Mexico I was travelling blind to get there and didn't realise in advance just how far it was.



Perhaps a bigger animal that

Perhaps a bigger animal that was sprayed by a skunk as well?  Leaves a lot of animals to the imagination.