Arctic Homelife

I'm finally home (or at least for the moment). I've arrived back to find Arctic style weather conditions and to discover that the airline have lost my bag. This is a bit of a problem as it means I only have the clothes I was wearing when I landed, plus full bike gear. Though I am still luckily in possession of the seven pairs of knickers.

The major issue is that my photos are all in that bag. I had been somewhat anal during this journey about always backing up my digital memory cards onto memory sticks and then had a completely brain dead moment in Seattle whilst packing ( I must admit my mind was more thinking about Iceland than packing) and I rather stupidly put both all the memory cards AND the memory sticks in one bag. Doh!!!!!!!

I've been waiting to hear what the airline have to say about tracking it down.



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have you got them yet?

hope you have good news on your photo drives.....??

and we hope that you had a great Xmas...lots of love and best wishes from both of us.  we are currently in Pakistan and waiting for our Indian visa here in Islamabad.  We realise that its not the best of places to celebrate Xmas or new year....but the Pakistani people make uo for it.

cheers - have a few and think about us!

Simon and Lisa

Dry Celebrations

Hi Guys

Great to hear you are through the border area safely. I'm not sure how much it has changed since I was last there - but isn't Pakistan great? I loved it, though I assume you are having a dry celebration for the festive season - unless you can get the gin allowance stamp in your passport (we did).

Also- weren't you in Iran, another dry country for Simon's 40th birthday?

Enjoy yourselves

love from