Anyone Got a Spare Geiger Counter?

The good news is that there are not many people in most of the areas I'll be travelling through (I like peace and quiet), the bad news is that some of these places are quite radioactive, due to either accidents at power plants, (Chernobyl style) or nuclear testing. The main bits of advice seem to be don't linger and don't eat the mushrooms - as a slow moving vegetarian this could prove to be a bit of a problem. I think this will come under the heading of things not to tell my Mum.
No worries about her seeing this blog as she can't even switch on a PC.

Write more!

Write more! I'm going mad waiting! Have you ever considered writing a book?


HI there, an apology about not writing more, but actually, my everyday life is not as exciting as you may think and the reality of prepping for a trip might not make for a dynamic read - apart from when things go wrong of course.

 At the moment I am awaiting the doctor's verdict on my hand (throttle hand) which has been strangely numb for a few weeks.

As for writing a book, well there is the manuscript of one somewhere, we shall have to see what happens to it- do you know any publishers?


No, sorry I don't know any publishers- not my area of expertise. I'm sure people would still enjoy reading the stuff which you class as uneventful! Hope your hand's ok. How many you expecting for the party then? That should make a good blog entry...