Another Flat

Luckily this was not an ouch scenario. But it was definitely an:
"Oh dear, why did it happen here?" read on....

I had left Lafayette, Louisiana with Bob leading the way on his KTM 960cc, which Thelma does not have a hope of keeping up with, Bob kindly pointing out and identifying the roadkill- I hadn't realised that possums were not big fluffy things but actually much more rat-like with scaly tails and nasty teeth (bet you can't wait to see the pictures of that one). Saying goobbye to Bob I followed the road along the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico, awed by the destruction that was still evident from Hurricane Rita (just after Katrina), people are just about re-building and this time their houses are on VERY high pilings due to the massive waves of water that came inland. I saw dolphins and inevitably stopped for a swim at a beach- what a great temperature the water was.

Back to the flat tyre, I was in south eastern Texas near Port Arthur - I was up on top of the levee having sneaked past the barriers and no trespassing signs to get there for a picture when I found my front tyre was rapidly deflating, I had to nurse Thelma back along the rutted dirt track on top of the levee for half a mile to creep out onto the road. I manoeuvred Thelma across the road and into some shade as it was very hot and I stood and wondered what to do next whilst slapping mosquitoes which were attacking from all directions.
A very nice honeymooning couple from NY stopped to offer help, though they know nothing about bikes and had nothing useful in the car, but it's always good to know someone is willing to help and to chat.
They went to the nearest pterol station to check if there was an air hose there, where luckily they met a local biker who came out to help.
Danny was on his Honda dirt bike, checked out what the problem was and went home to get his truck and mini-compressor, which pumped up the tyre which then went flat in four minutes. It started to become a bit of an epic...
His compressor broke and he went off to see if he could borrow another one. Meanwhile I pushed Thelma along the road in the heat looking for a flat spot to do the work on her.
Danny returned with a very mini-compressor and with three top-ups of air we got Thelma to the petrol station where there was shade but no air. I then gave Danny a lesson on how to repair the inner tube, something he had never done. I liked his method of working - first open a cold beer, then with spanners in one hand and beer in the other I set to work. BY the way, this flat is not connected with last week's one, exept that Jamie and I may possibly have pinched the tube a bit.

We got the tube repaired and tyre back on as the sun was starting to set, I wangled an invite to camp behind Danny's RV- his wife was a bit surprised to see a hot and dusty biker turn up but made me welcome.

FLaaatt tirre

 Hello Tiffany   This is Michael and Barbara.   The honeymooning New York Stagehands who stopped by on the road during your inconvient flat last week.  We made it  back to Brooklyn a couple of days ago safely.   We checked out your website and were pleased to find out that guy was a piece of good luck for you and Thelma.   When i pulled into the petrol station all i had to do was nod at him,  through the open window as almost as if he were waiting for us,  too tell him another biker needed some assistance.  The timing was perfect.   He also right away struck me as someone more perfect for your current needs.  Than me and my wife and our Leathermans and headlamp.   I and Barbara will continue to track your movements and hope all the greatest luck in your journey. You were a nice addition to an excellent honeymoon.   Glad we turned around.   If you ever need a place to stay in Brooklyn NY  email us at         Mike and Barb

The Honeymooners

Mike and Barb

Thank you so much for stopping and offering to help, despite not knowing anything about bikes. You tracked down Danny for me which was perfect. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your honeymoon, and who knows, maybe one day I will be in Brooklyn looking you up.



You caught my curse

Heh my tyre popping curse from Bojourmi ;)