And then there was one

April and I made it back across Armenia without too many dramas - does having to coast across the border on petrol fumes count? We had cut it a bit fine with that precious formula of fuel/local currency/distance to border.

We did manage to catch five monasteries in 24 hours- much to April's delight, and for anyone who knows me, a surprise for them.


A non-starting battery on the final morning, involving a jump start from a handy Lada (they are everywhere here) using what looked like the cables from an old hairdryer and we were away, getting April to Tbilisi in time for her flight.
Back into the swing of Georgian life- for a start I have to say, their traffic lights are not obvious and I keep just going straight through them (not that dissimilar from my usual style of driving I hear my Dad mutter). The other motorists seem to take it quite well and just have a chuckle.



I had a bizarre conversation in a shop - I went in to buy a watch and the bloke behind the counter spoke good English - he is originally from Beijing. When asked what I was doing here in Georgia I jokingly said I was looking for a husband.
"Hmm," he said looking me up and down, "standard British hair, standard British nose, standard British teeth - Chinese husband would be good for you" (with a meaningful look at his pimply-faced nephew who stood alongside). He then went on to extol the virtues of Chinese men as husbands, 
"maybe smoke, maybe drink, probably gamble, but no drugs"


I think that is the best offer I have had in a while - I just bought the watch though.