And GPS Tracking

Savas has one of those GPS tracking devices so you will be able to follow our progress (or otherwise)

We are leaving LA now.

21st Century here I come!!!!!!

the tracking website is:  and yes more details about how I have got myself into this situation to follow, I just need to explain to my boyfriend first why I am taking off through Mexico with a Turkish guy (whom I've only just met) for a couple of weeks. Wish me luck on that one.

The Truth!

When Tiffany arrived in L.A. we showed her the couch. Having noticed that the nicer guest room had been occupied by an unfortunate motorcycle traveller dreaming of crossing Mexico for the past six months, she decided to take initiative. We have divided views on her motivation. Some say that she was just being kind, others believe she wanted the room to herself when she returned. My guess is that she couldn't stay put and wanted to take a short trip south while waiting for Thelma to arrive.

The details regarding SavaƟ are really complicated. Simply put, he is not allowed to enter Mexico on his motorcycle. I know that sounds fishy, but in reality he's a very nice and kind person.

We already miss both of them.

Oh, by the way; Kosta went to San Francisco this morning. He found a job for a few weeks to restore his finances. So we don't have anyone staying with us in the meantime.

Good luck to all,

Erdem and Evren

Who - moi??

It's all vicious rumours about just how comfortable I found that bed in the spare room- obviously I am doing this side-trip out of the kindness of my heart -or at least it should be to make me feel better about the soreness of my backside.


This is Ian the boyfriend..........Savas will come back a different man!!!!

Savas a different man?

Ian, to be honest with my tales of life on the road in Australia and Asia not to mention the dark continent - Africa, it's looking unlikely that Savas will come back at all!!