In America Watching Real Football

I'm not sure how I have now managed to be in the States for a second World Cup Final (previously the 2002 Finals) - a country that patently seems to have no interest in the sport which has had much of the rest of the world gripped for the past month. I've tracked down Babycakes Zachary and we'll be installing ourselves on the sofa watching the big game. I'll be supporting Holland as I drew them in the sweepstake at work so there's 15 pounds riding on the result for me.


Glad to hear that you are on

Glad to hear that you are on this side of the pond. So sad that The Netherlands lost today. We were watching with a friend from Boston who is riding his Harley across Canada to raise money for people with ALS, and their families (C2C4ALS).


Hope to see you soon chez nous.