Ambling Through America

I had somehow managed to leave Thelma in Mexico on the way back from Mongolia and it's high time I went over to collect her. At the same time I'd been invited to give several talks and presentations at different venues in America about my travels, which gave the journey some structure and a rough intinerary. I collected Thelma in Phoenix, Arizona where an extremely kind friend had brought her up from Mexico, thus saving me the task of running the gauntlet of American Immigration again. Thelma had kindly been stored by Roseann and Jonathan until I was able to return. I serviced the engine, changed tyres and then headed off to my first talk at BMW Motorcycles of Countryside, Illinois (Chicago to the rest of us).

I soon realised that perhaps I should have studied my American road atlas a bit more closely before agreeing to some of the talks. That first "leg" of the journey (Phoenix to Chicago) was over 2000 miles and had to be completed in less than five days! Here I am still on the road, it's great to be back on Thelma and we've covered 15,000 miles, she's fast approaching her 200,000 mile mark. And we've still got Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania and New York before reaching the dockside in Newark and shipping Thelma home across the Atlantic.