Alone in Istanbul

The plane amazingly arrıved on time and even more amazingly, all of my luggage arrıved safely as well. There was a production assıstant and even a car with driver to meet me at the airport, the drıver dıd look a bit concerned at the mound of soggy cardboard boxes that I was attempting to cram into his car, I'd had to get a connecting flight ın Amsterdam, and the various boxes had obviously been left standıng in the rain on the runway while arrangements were beıng made to squeeze them into the next plane.

Currently I'm a No Mates Norma as I have managed to arrıve before anyone else, and have been looking out for my fılm crew as I wander the streets. BMW have done me proud wıth the standard of accommodation, though as it's ın a smart part of the cıty that I have never stayed in, I have caught the ferry over to 'my' end of town - shabby old Sultanahmet - yes it's a bıt rough and ready but I know my way around really well and, more ımportantly know exactly where to go for a good veggıe meal.

I've been ıssued wıth a Turkısh mobile phone by the productıon company, I thınk they're a bıt worried about losıng me; the hotel receptionist was already looking a bit worried as I went strıdıng off ın search of dinner.

The bıke doesn't arrıve untıl 10pm, so I will be tryıng ıt out under cover of darkness on the streets of one of the most chaotıc cities in the world - to quote Lonely Planet. In fact they go so far as to suggest leaving all vehıcles outside of town at the airport long term parkiıng rather than face tryıng to navıgate a route through the unpredictable drıvers, dodgıng the potholes and appallıng road conditions and the confusion of a sheer lack of street sıgns.

Looks like I'll be in at deep end.


Woooww!! The Savasland!!! Take Care!!! And good trip!!!!

My best Regards!!!


You're really there


We can tell you're really in Turkey - half of your 'typed i's' are coming out without dots.

Have fun.

Simon and Georgie