Accident in Mongolia

As some of you will have heard, Ian's trip to Mongolia has not gone well. Two days into our trip heading East, I was riding when we hit a patch of mud which for some reason spun us out of control and flipped the bike over. We both came off, as the ultimate sacrifice I provided a soft landing for Ian but he damaged his shoulder (I am more or less OK, just a bit battered and bruised).


It was evening, and a very quiet road so we set up the tent, had a cup of tea and went to bed. The next morning I hitch-hiked into the town (called Ondorkhaan), 20kms away and went to the hospital, truth is I was actually only trying to get a pick up truck to retrieve Thelma, but the message got a bit mixed. However the hospital were brilliant and I soon found myself in a jeep with a driver, a doctor and the driver's mate.
We arrived at the tent to find it empty and that actually Ian was sat in a truck nearby in the warmth of the cabin sharing a meal with the truck driver who was more than happy to meet a Westerner in this unlikely manner.

The doctor made a quick examination and put a sling on Ian (who's shoulder was pointing in two different directions). The men then all had a good look at Thelma - in fact the doc spent more time looking at the bike than examining his patient. They heaved the frame at the front back towards its original position.  Thelma started first turn of the key and the driver's mate hopped on and rode Thelma back to town - grinning widely all the way- he had never had an opportunity to ride such a big bike before.
With my sore neck I was happy to take things easy in the jeep.

The hospital took x-rays and said his shoulder needs an operation and told us to go to Ulaanbaatar - the capital city (200 miles away). Or at least we think that is what they said as no-one spoke any English but the x-ray was clear enough.
We were quite happy to not hang around for further treatment as we had by now realised that they might have an x-ray machine but they had no running water at the hospital.

The transport side of things got a bit complicated and we ended up waiting 24 hours before we finally set off. Leaving Thelma locked up in the hotel's garage.
The hospital in UB took more x-rays and has confirmed the ligaments in Ian's shoulder are severely torn and that he needs an operation to pin them back together.
We are currently waiting to hear from his insurance company about flying him home as soon as possible.

Ian and his shoulder

Thanks for the emails and messages of sympathy and offers of help. He is on his way home now and should beback in the UK this afternoon.

Sorry to hear that - at least

Sorry to hear that - at least you both walked away from it.

If Ian needs someone to accompany him on a chips and rattler mission (as part of his recovery of course) then just let me know...



So Sorry

Tiff and Ian, just read about your accident. Sorry to hear Ians shoulder is in a bad way. You make sure you get seen to as well Tiff, I know what your like and wont complain. I dont know what I can do to help but the offers there if you need it.

Take care Raven


So Sorry to hear about the trip accident. Glad to hear no one was too badly injured. You both will heal, the bike cane repaired or replaced and there will be other trips.

Ride on,

so sorry Tiff & Ian

Hey guys,
shit, Lisa and I are sorry to read your news. I've jsut put up a post on UKGSer asking whee you were. We're still in DZ, Lisa got food poisening so our overnight stop has turned into 4 so far.

We'd hoped to see you down here, but please know if there's anything Lisa or I can do, just drop us an email. We're thinking of you both.

Ian, what shitty luck, sorry things have gone so pear shaped. I also hit a small patch of mud coming south and it had me off in the blink of an eye and I have no idea why, i was going slow and straight. Make sure you milk the injustyfor a bit of sympathy, Tiff's a great tea maker.

Let us knwo how you get on with the insurance comapny. We've got our share of experience dealing with them, so if we can help let us know.

Take care of each other.
Simon & Lisa