The Accident

Sorry to those who have been sending worried emails after noticing that not one but two paramedics had signed my guestbook! Yes, it's true we had an accident.

Poor Donnaleen, the start of her trip, we set off from Nashville, having breakfast in Tennessee, lunch in Alabama and then accident in Mississippi.

We are both fine though a bit bruised and batterd and Thelma is also OK, sort of, she seems a bit lower in height. We had a high speed blow out on Interstate 78 just 15 miles from Memphis, which threw Thelma onto her left side and both of us onto the tarmac, Thelma then flipped over onto her right side, losing the pannier in the process and spun round facing the oncoming traffic. Pretty scary stuff. Three vehicles stopped and helped us, many thanks to Jimmy, Tanya and the other un-named guy for your help. They callled 911 and the paramedics, sherrif, Highway patrol and even a fire engine were soon on the scene. More later


Thanks God both of you are ok!

I hope everything is ok and will be better soon.

Cuidate amiga!

Savas BALABAN from Istanbul

Glad you could walk away

scary stuff, hope both of you and Thelma are ok.