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A view of world travel through the eyes of an adventurous bike traveller, one who isn't afraid to venture to some of the planet's most remote places, wild camping and facing the challenges of  life on the road.Tiffany is the world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer, with a passion for travel that has taken her far and wide on journeys such as England to Australia, a trans-Saharan escapade to Timbuctoo, Cape Town to Cairo, Alaska to Tierra Del Fuego which included a three month trip around Brazil and up the Amazon, and more...Labrador, Central Asia, Madagascar, Easter Island, Siberia and Outer Mongolia;  she broke the altitude record for a female motorcyclist whilst on an expedition from London to Tibet and rode up to Everest Base Camp. Almost all her travels have been undertaken on the same BMW R80GS that is still carrying her around the world today.  The highs and lows for Tiffany have included being chased by not only wolves but various national police forces, the Nicaraguan Mafia and stampeding elephants. She has fled from volcanoes, hurricanes and sandstorms, and mastered the skills necessary to cross rivers and swamps, she has also battled with snow and desert journeys on a quarter tonne bike with no GPS but a good sense of direction.   Tiffany has an incredible way of telling her stories and re-living her breath-taking adventures, inspiring anyone who has an interest in travel with her amazing pictures and enthralling anecdotes from far-off lands.

Tiffany is available for talks and presentations, to groups and organisations of any size please contact her via the website.


February 17th-18th 

Excel Centre, London, MCN Motorcycle Show


February 19th- March 20th

Rallying for a Wildlife - riding and filming in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, for more information see

April 19th-May 7th

Morocco - Leading the GlobeBusters tour of this fascinating country.

May 10th-17th

Flagstaff, Arizona presenting at the Overland Expo

June 16th-19th

Wales, UK presenting at HUBBUK

August 8th- September 2nd

Iceland - Leading the GlobeBusters tour of this volcanic and rugged country.


September 14th to October 2nd

GlobeBusters Adventure - Tiffany will be leading a tour starting in Northern Chile across the Atacama, through Bolivia and Peru including a visit to the incredible citadel of Macchu Pichu and the infamous Road of Death.


November 16th to 21st

Goa, India - Rider Mania, Tiffany will be returning to defend her title as India's 3rd fastest lady dirt rider

November 24th to 27th

Birmingham NEC, Motorcycle Live Show- the UK's biggest bike event where Tiffany will be doing a presentation about her amazing bike travel exploits. Come and meet her to talk about travelling by bike.


A well earned rest at home in Cornwall :)



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