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Going Back to My Roots

For those who have been following my travel exploits since the early days, you will all be aware that my very first motorbike journey was to India. Well, I'm about to head back there, but not on Thelma.
I'll be riding a Royal Enfield 500cc bike through the beautiful region of Ladakh in the Himalayas.
I fly to India on 12th June, head up into the mountains for a couple of weeks and then I will have an all-female group of motorcyclists join me for a tour that I'm leading.

A Journey Revisited

As I write this, I'm also preparing a presentation about my Mapless in Madagascar journey, going through my many photos and selecting those that tell my story the best.
Here's my top twelve which I feel reflect my time away from first getting Suzi right through to the hell of the mud!

Getting Home

Having said goodbye to Suzi, it was time to pack - a bit of an issue to cram everything into my bags, despite travelling light I seemed to have acquired quite a lot of stuff.
My room on my last night while I was attempting to pack

I had to get a connecting flight in Paris and enjoyed a northern hemsiphere sunset at the airport

Almost There

I wasn't far from Tana (the capital and the end of my journey), when I had another flat tyre, I managed to get to the local tyre guy where as usual a crowd soon gathered

With the tyre fixed, I headed into the city, lunch was cooked by this woman-

Things are Different Here

Breakfast Tales

Feeling like a change from the usual noodles and soup combination, I found this place. I was back in the HIghlands, where the food on offer can differ vastly from the coastal areas. This was the doughnut stand - Tim Horton's eat your heart out (a reference that possibly only Canadians will get)

this is what the price list/menu looked like

Loving Life

Tyre sorted, back on the road, should I be worried by a sign like this??

Loving the multitude of teeth that the skull has

Not sure what it was supposed to be warning about, possibly this...

Funny Foreigners

A final day on the beach watching the locals, and then sneaking into the Italian version of Club Med just around the corner
where they had beach cleaners

Time for a Rest

I'm re-tracing my steps and decide to head for some R&R over on Nosy Be island again, just look out for the smoky ferry

Closer up it inspires even less confidence in me

I just about manage to squeeze Suzi onto the yellow ferry

The Final Frontier of Mud

A village stop for a cup of tea

The kids gathered to look at this strange foreigner covered in mud

their big sister turned up - wearing her school uniform, to the uninitiated, the uniform looks like a school dinner lady's overalls

Curious Chameleon

A pause to get my breath and another chameleon appeared, providing me with some light relief between the bouts of mud wrestling as I watched it climbing all over the bike

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