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Getting Ready

The preparations are underway and so is the research, I have read Dr Zhivago and now have an uncertain insight into the Russian psyche, I've been attempting to learn Russian from a cassette- with mixed results. I got a couple of maps for my birthday - just need about ten more.

This website is up and running properly.

And the complicated visa application process is underway  - a lot of patience and a large purse are required for this side of things.

Searching for a Sputnik

The plan is to ride to Mongolia through the 'Stans (Central Asian republics) and hopefully get there in time to see the longest total solar eclipse that Earth will experience in the 21st century - now that's worth riding 10,000 miles for.

Currently searching for a sputnik - as apparently sputnik means travelling companion. A few people are interested including a harpist, a US diplomat, a beauty therapist and the usual hangers-on! Travelling with me involves camping a lot and putting up with my off-tune renditions of various songs through the intercom headphones.

Mongolian Mayhem

Having crossed every continent, I found myself at home in England for three years- a state of affairs that doesn't happen very often - although this time exacerbated by a serious illness that put me in hospital for a month, unable to work for six and in a wheelchair for a period of time (scary stuff). The doctors told me I might never ride my beloved motorcycle again.

I have managed to prove them wrong and am now planning another trip to a far flung place- Outer Mongolia.


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