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More Snowy Exploits

We'd entered a whole new snowy world and we were pretty excited at reaching the top of Rohtang, knowing that we would be leaving all the endless streams of snow tourist cars behind as we descended the other side. First we had to make the most of being in the snow

Some bike and snow pictures were called for - but first we had to get into position

Snowy Exploits

Snow everywhere

and snow tourists as well


Up early the next morning, we load up and off we head, this is the mountain that is in our sights - Rohtang.

As we leave town, the streets are lined with shops like these that cater to the snow tourists - hiring out snowsuits to those venturing up to see this strange white stuff at the top of the mountain

Dirt Achieved

While at Ride Inn, we got a bit star-struck when we recognised Vinod who appears in the great bike travel film One Crazy Ride

Take a look here to see more about it - some incredible bridge riding.

It was time to head back into town

Introduction to Off-Roading - the Coates Way

It was time to get dirty- some off-road riding practice for my group - some of whom have only ever ridden on the smooth tarmac of the UK
we cross the bridge out of town and take to some quiet roads out of Manali

Manali Meanderings

Thanks folks, good to have you along on the ride - maybe next year Karen (duchess) you might join us for real - I've seen you in action with Si Pavey, I know you can do this

Meanwhile, in Manali, we're getting to the end of our sightseeing and I appear to be having problems with my camera


Our destination for the night is the town of Mandi and our hotel is on the banks of the river, a chance to relax and enjoy watching the river whilst having a chat and a cold beer on the hotel terrace

We take some unorthodox routes at times

which is all part of the fun in India.

Gorgeous Gorge Riding

We're on the road and things are starting to get a bit more interesting as we enter a large gorge, with the road hugging the sheer cliff sides. Other bikes are also on this route.

A route that takes us past some shops

A typical Himalayan bridge

Exploring Shimla

Overlooking the town of Shimla is this huge statue of Hanuman

Rather naughtily I angled my camera and managed to get a picture of it seemingly on top of the Anglican Cathedral!

It's always good to have a break from being on the bikes and a chance to look around

On the Road

The view for my group

It's not often I get to see what the view is like for my groups as they follow me.

The foothills of the Himalayas have few major towns and reasonably quiet roads as well as some cooler weather which is a big relief for us.

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