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Sarchu - Again

Back out to the bikes and on down the hill, we've still got many miles to go

Mountain Life

Just to prove that you get the warts and all story

This was the sight of my bike after I had kicked the side stand down and run to help one of my riders who was on the verge of dropping her bike in some water. I pushed away too hard and fast, leaving my bike toppling over the side as I ran back to my sttricken rider.
No harm done and some helping hands to get her upright again.
soon back on our way again

Herding Cats... an attempt to get a picture that would truly reflect the staggering amount of snow around us and the beauty iof it all, I tried to organise my excited riders, as they say, there are some things in life that are easier than herding cats and this may have been one of them

I´ve ridden ahead and am now trying to direct

Still Up the Mountain

We're up on the top of the mountain pass and we met this very nice man

Never accept sweets off strangers, but when you're this far from the rest of the world, it doesn't matter
He's also a guide and we enjoyed looking at our reflection in his sunglasses

Baralacha La

We're ascending Baralacha, accompanied by the usual slow moving lorries

Tiresome to overtake, but at least we're still on tarmac...for the moment

The Snow is Beckoning

Apologies to those who may have got concerned about the sudden halt in the blog, I was unable to upload on my blog for quite a while, but I think it is sorted now.

We had got through the worst of the river crossings, and were now facing lots of water on a very broken-up road - you can see how fast flowing it is as it flows over my feet.
Luckily a bridge has been constructed over this particular river

Aquatic Armaggedon

Early morning and we're on the road, continuing northwards and with the dreaded Baralacha La ahead of us (the scene of my high altitude blizzard ride).

To the group's delight it wasn't all gravel tracks- we did have some nice tarmac as I'd promised them

Headlong to Keylong

and helmets back on, we get back on the bikes

Negotiating the narrow alley past the tea shop

We were pleased to see tarmac

there were even bridges over the rivers

Still Coming Round the Mountain

We start to go a bit faster because we know there's a cup of tea waiting in the village at the foot of the mountain

Just a couple more water crossings

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain

The descent from Rohtang, quite different from the ascent as there is very little traffic, but the road conditions are worse.

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