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The Himalayas, my favourite mountain range

We're in an area to the west of Leh, capital of Ladakh.

Enfields are THE bike to ride out here

and I'm particularly proud of my blue one

Ladakhi Life

The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that our bikes are now adorned with Tibetan prayer flags - we match our surroundings

A short roadside chat about our route

Motorbikes and Monasteries

I'm loving riding in our group- as you all know I do a lot of my travels solo, and I also work as a tour guide and ride with mixed groups, though mostly blokes. This is the first time I've had an all-female riding group and we have a lot of fun and laughs together.

Sometimes, I'm not sure just why the photo was taken :)

Lamayuru Monastery

This is the beautiful road we were riding up

One of my favourite roads in the world, and virtually no other vehicles on it as we rode together.

Moving On

We've been sharing a support vehicle with another group, and in that group are two Americans. It's early morning on the 4th of July and with secret preparations underway, we greet John and Gary at breakfast

The Ladies of Ladakh present their Comb Choir rendition of the Star Spangled Banner

Life in Leh

Monasteries on every mountain side


Animals on every corner, from puppies to donkeys


It was a relief to be off the mountain roads, following the river valley with its sweeping curves rather than the torturous hairpin bends of the mountain passes.

High to Low

The temperature had dropped a lot, shivering, we set off, to be faced by a sea of freezing mud- just wet enough to be slick and slippery

we kept to the edge as we made our way down- the safest place to be where the mud wasn't deep, but bear in mind that we're supposed to be riding on the left! and there is a sheer drop of several hundred feet just to our right



And the Home of momo heaven (Tibetan-style dump0lings), here is my friend Padma making them for us

I have a copy of the In-flight magazine with me, it has an article about Cornwall (home nation) and I share it with Padma and her family -

The Road to Leh

Early morning, and we're awoken by a snuffling outside of the tent

A marmot has come over to see who we are

We didn't feel too ready to get up yet, and were suffering fromt he aches and pains of yesterday, but the stunning surroundings soon made us forget any sore spots
The view from our tent

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