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Happy New Year 2015

Festive wishes and greetings to all my friends around the world, wherever you may be. I wish everyone good health and happiness for them and their families.

To celebrate the New Year, I headed out of the house with friends down to the beach, for the traditional New Year's Day swim, however, the waves were big and we have a strong undertow so I didn't manage to get in for much of swim.

Thelma should be out of the workshop soon and back on the road.

Final Days Riding Rapa Nui

Today I was mainly riding coastal

and the audience consists of...

A bird of prey (can anyone help me to identify it?)

and naturally some of these

Riding Rapa Nui 3

It had to be done

I'm on the loose again after a bit of a night at my couchsurfing house

The warm weather has meant that we are eating outside. Bedtime tends to look a bit more cosy (brace yourselves, it's a Tiffany in bed picture coming up)......

Volcanoes and Bikes

The next morning I'm up early and climbing up the side of another extinct volcano to enjoy the view from the top

Naturally the view includes a few more moai in the distance

then I'm taking off for the next bit..

Riding Rapa Nui

Many of you may have seen my pictures on FaceBook, now here's the full story about my trip to Rapa Nui. I'm going to try and do it in just a few long chapters.

Last Missive from India

A new outfit for me - punjabi style, my group have one more task for me as guide

Smiles all round

Memories of our adventure on the wonderful Enfield bikes

Delhi Days

We had a couple of days in Delhi

getting around in tuk-tuks (auto rickshaws)

Final Riding Day

A bittersweet experience, knowing that this was our last day of riding but what incredible surroundings to be riding through

Moving On

We'd had an incredible time in the Nubra Valley, but it was time to leave, the view from my window looked like this

Clouds are starting to cluster on the mountain tops- we'd better get a move on to cross the high pass before it started snowing

Riding Sand

I was determined to ride my Enfield in the sand- somewhat unsuitable choice of bike and tyres for the task - but it HAD to be done. I managed to persuade two of the riders to give it a go and we headed off

we lined up, facing the nearest sand dune

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