On Your Marks, Get Set...Go

one added advantage when I'm travelling with a group is that I get more pictures of me (it may be dubious as to whether you feel that's an advantage or not) I also get involved in more comedy moments, and here is one of them - a sneak preview of a couple of weeks down the line

Yes folks, it's Ms Coates with Giant Loop luggage on a camel.

Way before all that though my group were put through their paces in a carpark as they got used to riding the Enfields and memorising the mantra "Do NOT grab front brake"

slow control - always important

I start to feel like we're a mini-biker gang

And the crowds got bigger and bigger as they gathered to watch Ladies on Motorbikes - the Bullet is the most powerful bike in India and is considered highly unsuitable for women.

We're happy with our riding, and with our Ladies in Ladakh T-Shirts, and head off for dinner and a couple of beers to wash it down with.

the next morning sees us up early and hitting the road...with caution