Wildlife with Coates

Madagascan ladybirds...apparently

The kids had been showing me around - I told them that in England the ladybirds have spots not stripes.
I went exploring again

and despite setting off pretty early, by 7.00am it was getting hot.
I had a guide with me

Praying mantis - a female about to devour an ant, with a blood-thirsty look in her eye.

They're quite interesting insects, with the females being notorious for sexual cannibalism - biting off the heads of the unlucky males during mating.

Once more things were pretty quiet just me, the wildlife and John, a local guy acting as a guide for me

Up in the hills, the dry climate means that there's little greenery

And then we went back down to the coolness of the trees in the valley, where a strange looking bird was watching me and following through the woods

One of the most amazing dragonflies I have seen anywhere - a reddish pink one

At midday, it was sweltering and I was pleased to find we'd reached a shaded pool where I jumped in under the waterfall