Where Was I?

So, where was I?

that's right, South=Eastern Madagascar, wild camping in the middle of nowhere with this little fellow for company inside my tent (I've been warned not to lick them)

It poured with rain for half the night, but luckily it was dry when I got up

Time to savour the morning

Then take the tent down, pack up, do my hair...

and head south

I 'd only had minimal breakfast, so stopped at the first village I saw - maybe 10 miles of trails from my start point, I asked around who was serving tea and was introduced to this old lady

She's sat on her verandah dispensing tea to the villagers in chipped enamel mugs for the princely sum of 2 pence. A neighbour supplied the "doughnuts". The mud, sheet rock and pouring rain from yesterday was but a faint memory as I enjoyed the food, drink and some company.