Volcanoes and Bikes

The next morning I'm up early and climbing up the side of another extinct volcano to enjoy the view from the top

Naturally the view includes a few more moai in the distance

then I'm taking off for the next bit..

for more adventures.
I've got a pushbike to get around on today - to give me a bit more exercise.
The usual route to the pub

and a rather worried look from me - wondering of the camera has taken the shot I need or will I have to circle round and do it again?!

I've got a bit of a mission ahead of me - looking at the map of the island, I'm heading down to the massive volcano in the south west corner

The crater does NOT disappoint

Naturally, I need to get a bit closer, hmm, maybe that's a bit too close

that's better, I even manage a smile

And then feeling the need for a challenge, I set off cycling around the lip of the crater

The look of concentration on my face - trying to not get too close to the edge, and also pondering my Mum's reaction , she hates heights


Out on the bike again

I love the rugged coastline, it reminds me a bit of home, where the cliffs are granite.
there's not much wildlife on Rapa Nui, in fact apart from the horses, all I see are birds and the occasional rat. This bird let me get quite close to it

But insisted on keeping its back to me - I've got no idea what it is - some kind of pheasant maybe?
and another head - this one has a big belly and what look like hands as well

It's a lot of fun riding around on the bike, lots of open land that I can cut across to go get a closer look at everything - and I am being quite the "Mrs Nosey"
I've got a Stick with Nick sticker on the bike - one of those tends to go most places with me - he's some American bloke whose stickers I got sent.

It's not all open land and coastlines though

It's also quite tropical as well.

This was an Aussie bloke who I gave a lift to, I liked the mirrored image of the palm trees on his sunnies.
This moai looks like it needs a helping hand

I've ridden up to the north end of the island and the volcano Rano Raraku. the site where all the moai were carved whilst still in-situ in the ground and then cut away from the sides of the crater and somehow transported to the far reaches of the island.
The crater is literally littered with moai

It's an incredible sight.
here's something from some research I did - apparently the heads have bodies