Vegas Beckons

I go to the best places for lunch, here I am in the shade around the side of the petrol station, eating junk food and fruit. Happy to be out of the sun and away from the worst of the desert winds. I was entertaining the garage cashiers (as they came out for their fag breaks) with tales of my travels, although they were relating more to the minimum wage deals in the UK vs US and the cost of renting in Cornwall compared to Nevada- much cheaper in US they reckon.

I may be looking like I've got a Bobby Charlton combe-over but actually it's just a bit of a windswept look. In the background is the landscape that is quite typical of this part of the world.

From quiet empty highways

to the chaos of Vegas, where I barely managed to grab some shots as I rode through- on my own I didn't really fancy stopping, maybe next time

Time to turn towards LA


I considered putting one of my stickers on the sign (like others have done) but didn't want to get accused of being a vandal as the police were hanging around. Sowere some of the Highway Hounds

The world's biggest caravan, actually I was going to try and get a picture so that it looked as if Thelma was towing it, but the State Troopers came over for a glare at me so I made a hasty exit.

Trying to be discreet with Thelma in the Mojave

I must have got far enough off the beaten track because our only company was Eddie, who I think must be a wild mule (do you have those in the Mojave?)- he was pretty frightened and wouldn't come any closer than this...yep look closely enough and you will see him peering out.