Vallee Sagrado - Sacred Valley

 The Sacred Valley (Valle Sagrado) covers a huge area with a lot of great riding possibilities, it's been a while since my last visit, but I can always find some good off-roading, this time though, I've got to ensure my group can handle it.

While they're not around I do a bit of scouting, using my usual system of camera on self-time mode, propped up on my helmet which is perched on a rock

Checking out the gravel roads

In the distance I see something that looks like lots of guano on the mountainside

Naturally I go closer to check it out

it turns out to be a load of salt pans on the steep-sided mountain, apparently they've been collecting salt in this way for centuries since pre-Inca times

A mineral-laden spring comes out of the mountain and the locals have directed the flow over a series of terraced salt pans, as each pan dries out the salt residue is left and they scrape it up.

I now decide to get really close