Vallee de la Luna

 Almost forget El Zorro...the fox that we saw at the geysers

At high altitude when there's nothing green, I really wonder what these animals live on.

Having seen the sunrise at the Tatio Geysers, we headed west of town in the afternoon to enjoy the sunset at La Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley)

Some gorge riding to get there

Sure enough the landscape started to resemble something you'd see...well not on the moon, maybe on Mars

Don't worry, it's not snow, it's salty deposits

Weird rock formations

There are four other women in the group with me, it's always good to have female company in what tends to be a male dominated world.

The valley is an incredible looking place

Lots of volcanoes in this area, though the locals assured me that they're almost all extinct

We lingered a bit long in the Valley, taking photos and so by the time we made our way back to our hotel, it was rapidly darkening and so we took a short-cut, which turned into a motorbike obstacle course