Utah Wanderings

 In Escalante, I discovered a more al fresco office environment, they were happy for me to use their WiFi as I'd had a meal inside

and whilst I was there, This bloke turned up, having done a U-Turn in the street when he spotted Thelma, he looked around for her owner and finally decided that "yep, she's with the little lady sat over there"

He has appeared in other RR's, he's known as the Desert Doctor and is the only bike mechanic for 200 miles, he also appeared pretty knowledgeable about airheads.

Riding Burr Trail. it just got prettier and prettier

This is what I like to see, you might feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere and haven't seen anyone for hours, but low and behold there are signs to indicate which trail to take, I was heading for the picturesquely named Bullfrog Basin

Eventually onto tarmac again, and in the distance a glimpse of blue water, I'd reached Lake Powell. Approaching the ferry dock