Utah Utopia

The trail improved, for those of you wondering where I was it's the Cottonwood Canyon Trail. I had taken Thelma through some water to clean her off a bit, the air is so hot and dry that she soon dried off.

We had plenty of these for company..I think it's a chipmunk, but the only ones I've ever seen before have been cartoon ones

Grosvenor Arch was reached, I attempted to ride up the footpath that starts round to the left of the escarpment, but decided discretion was the better part of valour considering I was on my own and turned round before I got too high.

  I was relievd to see that I had reached the end of the road closed section, the car drivers were  looking at me a bit curiously as I took photos of the sign.

Fatigue overtook me and I stopped for a nap in a quiet spot with Thelma standing guard

Thelma woke me up after 30 minutes by suddenly dripping petrol from her right-side carburettoand the smell awoke me, she did this deliberately, as she's had no leak before or since then.
Riding on a I found this place, an old fashioned Drive In Movie Theatre with the convertibles already in place. Every night they show films from the forties, fifties and sixties

I lined Thelma up with the cars

but, somehow, sitting on a motorbike is not the same as sitting in a car
Mark, the bloke who runs the place was really friendly and let me have a look around, it's an amazing place as it's in an Airstream Caravan Park, I'd love to stay in one sometime.


All the way through southern Utah, there was the most amazing scenery, this was another spot where I put my tent up as it was getting dark and woke up to find incredible views across the valley, this is just outside Escalante

I like the small towns, this is the petrol station at Boulder, Utah, run by a very friendly guy who was happy to chat about life in the valley. I was most impressed to find that he stocked lots of organic and vegetarian options, so I sat and had breakfast, chatting to the locals

Red cliffs were beckoning me onwards, this is more the sort of scenery that Utah is famous for

I had the luxury of time to explore some of the slot canyons- awesome to see

A couple on a Harley took this picture- they were very amused by my mud-splattered appearance

Ahead, the Burr Trail was unfolding into the desert