Tyre Therapy

Early (ish) the next morning, we're heading out with Thelma's wheel. I didn't really have the money to get a new one- especially as this one had only been on six weeks, however, Justin had unearthed one that was buried in his pile of old but useable tyres in his backyard so we went to his place.

Harold gave a hand as well, I think my role at this point was providing the moral support

Justin's parrot Five Oh, came out to inspect the work

OK, I hadn't had a chance to brush my hair very well that morning, but I didn't think it was THAT bad, Five Oh had other ideas and whilst Justin was finishing off, the parrot was crawling around in my hair and quite happily making a nest in there- look closely below and you'll see him.

New tyre on and we were off- HUGE thanks to Justin for his help and for the tyre.

Harold and I were going riding, he led the way on his F800GS

we swapped bikes for a while

I think I got the better end of the deal, although it was a stretch to reach the ground

Oregon is a beautiful part of the world to ride in

We went through Fandango Canyon, heading south to Summer Lake. Eventually getting there quite late in the day..in fact it was dark and I couldn't see much. But we did manage to find Harold's family who had arrived earlier and set up camp, they had a fire going and dinner ready. We were at the hot springs at Summer Lake, and the air temperature was somewhat on the chilly side, my feet were cold so I headed to the bath house, luckily the kids had warned me about the sign they had seen above the hot pool- "Clothing Optional After 9pm"
The sight of a couple of naked middle-aged guys didn't deter me as I advanced in full bike gear to the edge of the pool, removed my bike boots and socks and warmed my feet in the water.

The next morning, in the beautiful sunshine we had a soak in the outdoor pool- I like the ones that are natural like this

Harold doing his best Jack Nicholson impression