Tynda Moto Burning Man

A great gathering of people, various travellers from different countries and they even let a few Yanks in. As always, the Aussies were the most vocal contingent
The event is hosted and organised by Eric and Gail Hawes (RTW motorcyclists), this amazing couple rode to Madagan in the early 90's! They play host to many travellers making their way across the Americas and they get their visitors to leave a sign on one of their signposts

Looking around, it was like a Who's Who of world travellers, a visitors' book with a difference.

I found one bloke examining Thelma

And then he showed me his handiwork, he had replaced Thelma's missing engine peep hole cover (there's probably a more technical name for it- any nerds reading this and want to respond, feel free). I didn't even get his name, but he used one off his own bike, which was a side car outfit...

Meanwhile someone else was getting to grips with Thelma's "pink bit"

First of all removing the offensive 100 decal and then making it black.

The riverside cheese and wine was popular albeit somewhat soggy

The sun was shining for the breakfast pancakes, as cooked by a colourful character

People gathered around eating them as fast as he coud cook

Thelma as always, providing a suitable flat surface for eating off

we had several talks and presentations, this was one from Ramey "Coach", who was talking to us about correct bike riding position...hmmm, there's a lot to think about

It started raining again, the rain gear was imaginative, varied and colourful

Trying to avoid the rain, we went to the local pub (any excuse to go to the pub), I enjoyed the notice in the window...do they know something that we don't??

I also enjoyed their suggested items to include in an emergency kit

I like the idea of the comfort/stress foods.

And then it got dark, it had stopped raining - what perfect timing, and we were able to enjoy the bonfire