Turning down Tea!

I was invited in for a cup of tea, but had to ride on, I had another long day of riding ahead of me, and wanted to make the most of the dry weather, ominous clouds were lurking on the horizon.

I knew I was finally getting back to civilisation when I spotted these roadside stands selling souvenirs

You would not believe how much I wanted to take one of those giraffes on my bike with me (incidentally, there are NO giraffes in Madagascar!!)

and more terraces covered in paddy fields - the Madagascans consume more rice per head than ANY other country in the world

At this point I was still luxuriating in all the greenery, after the orange mud in the east and dry sand of the south.
I picked up another hitch-hiker...

I think it's a male- somewhat less blood thirsty than the females, and no, it is NOT on a weather-beaten area of my skin but on the bike seat.
He had a good look around the bike

I reached the central point of the island and then continued north, it suddenly started looking eerily clay -like around me

and just to prove self-timed photos don't always work out properly