Turkey Alert

Back on the road,
tarmac = yes
brick houses = no

The local café has a menu on the wall- this is the height of sophistication, actually having a menu. It's mostly meat,, though I'm still working on some of the Malagasy menu items. Probably the only item you will recognise is tripe - they're fond of their offal here.

Fuelling up at the petrol station I spot the usual overloaded van, piled high with luggage

Getting closer, I can hear the raucous sound of the livestock on board

The ducks don't seem happy, and wait a minute...

A turkey has sneaked in with the ducks!

The bridge ahead looked like a scene from a war film

There was no alternative for quite a distance, so a long detour was called for.
The roadside shacks sell just about anything - this was the local purveyor of stones

The landscape has changed again, and I'm now surrounded by lush, green rice paddy fields