Trying to Move On

Thelma had been in the very capable hands of Walter the "Airhead" master at the BMW garage.

He'd had his work cut out, but here I am ready to leave, being seen off the premises by Carey, the Events Manager

I've still got that parcel on the back seat, I'd been carrying it since Phoenix hoping to send it, but failing spectacularly to find an open Post Office anywhere in my 2000 mile ride across the country.

I said all my goodbyes, but then as I tried to set off, Thelma's starter motor died, she obviously didn't want to leave. What weird but fortuitous timing that it happened at a dealership. I had to wheel her back into the workshop and unload my luggage.I was supposed to be visiting friends in Minneapolis the next day so I started to look up train and bus times for the journey to Minnesota when Countryside BMW stepped in and saved the day, they offered me an alternative vehicle to take for the journey.

Whoops wrong picture!
Actually, it was one of these

Yep, folks, an identical bike to the one I rode to Tibet last year.
It felt like old times as I sat on the yellow 1200GS and stretched down to reach the ground with my feet. Not one to to look a gift horse in the mouth, I rapidly transferred my luggage and with a cheery wave set off down the street and onto the infamous toll highways across Chicago.

Lawn tractor !!!!

Come on Tiffany!

You've been around the world a couple of times on Thelma, Give her a break!

Lets just see how far you can make it on the lawn tractor!

If I know you, You will set a record for the longest Journey on a lawn tractor.

Have fun out there!  David from Peggy's Cove.

GS 1200

 Hmmmmm, not sure about this Tiff, your gonna put Thelma's nose right out of joint riding that 12...!!! 

Glad your having a fun time and keeping one eye on your adventures from the UK.

Anna & Mezg