Travelling Life

Yes, I found the tarmac and yes, I made it to civilisation, though if you can call this civilisation

They've got wings and to give you a sense of size...

Nearly the size of my hand. I had entered the land of the giant cockroaches. To add to my problems

It had started to rain, this is the view from my room at the best hotel in town looking towards the shared toilet. And to prove it's a proper hotel, here are the rules...

if you can read Malagasy.

However I was more concerned with the rain, this is supposed to be the dry season in Madagascar

I put all my layers of clothes on and headed out, things were not much prettier on the roads. Looking at this picture, you may be surprised to hear that they are actually supposed to drive on the right in Madagascar

This was one of those situations where it's every man (or woman) for him/herself, and I was quick to take advantage with the off-road capabilities of the bike.

And so to Tana and the house of Thom and his family who had heard about my travels and kindly offered to host me (and my dirty washing!). What lovely, fantastic people. Clothes in the washing machine and I sat down
to a sumptuous meal

Thai food with a great wine and great company

I felt completely spoilt.
As a total contrast, my next 24 hours were spent in very normal pastimes, such as going for a bike ride with the kids and Thom

Even this close to the city centre, there are paddy fields

Playing landrover games
an old play structure which is rotting and dangerous, it needs demolishing

Enter the Landrover and girls who know how to use all the attachments

It might not have been pretty but it didn't take long and it was very satisfying.

Playing board games is also one of my favourites, though I well and truly lost at Fibber

And so goodbye to this life of comfort and back to the road this time with my sister in tow as pillion rider.