Time for a Tea Break

Cloudy, damp weather - reminds me of home

and then I see this magical sight

For the ignorant amongst you - these are tea plants

I manage to get a look around the tea processing plant starting with the racks of leaves being dried out

The leaves go through a whole series of heath-robinson type machines

the machines bear this proud plaque- they've come all the way from Gainsborough

the sacks of tea leaves

for a tea lover like me, travelling in a coffee-dominated culture, this was a real treat (call me sad if you want!) I could smell the tea in the air

and they sell them in cute little lemur bags - I bought a few and then the ultimate moment - the tasting...

A proper teacup and saucer

I enjoyed it so much, I had two cups and promptly had a caffeine rush!

One of the most touching monents was when I spotted the proper English kettle- complete with English plug AND wall socket

One more thing to do before I left - my Mum had been commenting that she thought I was looking a bit skinny so I weighed myself on their scales

- "Mum, you'll be pleased to hear that I'm still heavier than a sack of tea"