Time for a Rest

I'm re-tracing my steps and decide to head for some R&R over on Nosy Be island again, just look out for the smoky ferry

Closer up it inspires even less confidence in me

I just about manage to squeeze Suzi onto the yellow ferry

Safely on the island, I'm greeted warmly with a friendly "Bonjour Monsieur" by this family

who are selling mangoes, I did have my helmet and bike gear on, I remove my helmet and they were very apologetic- not a problem. The husband is keen for me to take a picture of him and his wife, happy to oblige

Looking for a place to stay, Suzi is offered a place in the dining room to park

After seeing what has happened to the car outside, I think it's probably a good idea she's safely indoors

Early morning, down on the beach, the zebu are having a swim

And then taken back to the fields

I'm spoiling myself, staying in a nice place after the trauma of the mud

Beachside, mirrors and polished wood everywhere, I feel just a bit out of place with all my bike gear

Someone else who's bike is a bit tall for them

The local flower seller

Reminding me more of Bali or India than Africa.