Things are Different Here

Breakfast Tales

Feeling like a change from the usual noodles and soup combination, I found this place. I was back in the HIghlands, where the food on offer can differ vastly from the coastal areas. This was the doughnut stand - Tim Horton's eat your heart out (a reference that possibly only Canadians will get)

this is what the price list/menu looked like

Even the most expensive doughnut cost only 3 pence (5 cents). I managed to munch my way through about five or six - naturally all in the name of research, how can I possibly comment on the culture without tasting the food?

And for those in a hurry, they were doing tea and coffee to go, though you had to provide your own container - in this case an empty water bottle.

Strangely enough, the guy at the petrol station/fuel shack next door was also using old water bottles. For those who are squeamish or fussy about the fuel that they put in their bikes, perhaps you should look away

With both Suzi and myself fuelled up, it was time to hit the road again, the mist cleared and it got a bit warmer. I paused to chat to this guy with his zebu and sledge, making a racket as they went down the road