Thelma's Makeover

Joe was ruthless and dived straight in

After perusing the protective clothing available and taking my pick

I was put on scrubbing duty

I'm doing the Debbie Magee role here, directing the hose pipe while Paul Daniels takes the lead (cultural reference possibly over the heads of Yanks)

I was even let loose with an aerosol can

Friends came round to assist

you can always spot the arty types by the way they wield a spray can

sparks were flying

I got on with some engine stuff

and valve clearance

always tricky getting Thelma's rocker covers on and off due to the somewhat distorted crash bars (not sure quite how they ended up like that)

great pictures to illustrate

great pictures to illustrate what is being done for Thelma .. can almost fancy i understand!



Glad you're enjoying the pictures and that you're following all the work on Thelma, your keen eye for dirt would have been useful with the overhaul we were doing.


PS I would also have let you use the spray paint