Thelma has a Pink Moment

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, I know there will be some questions about that last picture of Thelma..just what is that "pink thing" on her??
Here's a picture which shows it a bit more, plus she matches the woman behind her.

I can explain...on my way north I dropped in at Ozzie's BMWs in Chico, California.

Ozzie is a legend, a classic grumpy German, with a heart of gold, who knows everything about airheads. We'd originally met at the BMW MOA National Rally two years ago in Redmond. He'd wandered over to take a look at Thelma, we got chatting and then he said if I was ever passing to drop in and say hello, and to ask if I needed anything.
here I was two years later, and he remembered me, he was starting to wince as I casually said "Thelma needs something". But I think he was pleasantly surprised when all I pointed out was the missing panel on the side. Up to now there has been one in the pictures as I "nicked/borrowed" one off Bill's Dad's old bike in Bill Mayer's workshop...I must confess that Bill was not there at the time.
It was time to return the panel to Bill and I asked Ozzie for a replacement. He scratched his head and then led me into the room out the back. It was like an Aladdin's cave of old BMW parts- I'm kicking myself I didn't take a picture. He poked around on various shelves until finally he unearthed a panel for me. Not only was it not quite the right colour- it was pink and it had the WRONG numbers on it
Ozzie assured me this was the only one he had, and so I said a grateful thank you, put it on and rode off.

Looking on the positive side I see it as a way for Thelma to get in touch with her feminine side, but the numbers...well they are something else.

Almost daily I have had "enlightening" discussions with Yanks who are swearing blind that my bike is an R100GS and who refuse to listen when I say she's an R80GS. I know many of them walk away still not believing me. Just because it wasn't introduced into the States, it doesn't mean they don't exist. Everyone knows they kept the best BMWs for the European market

And now, to aid them in their arguments, the bloody bike has the characters R100 on the side.


Nevermind the pink thing,

Nevermind the pink thing, what's that brown thing on the front? :-)


I don't know if you'd be happy or sad to know that sidecover is officially BMW's idea of purple, not pink, by the way.

Colour Blind

Is it really their idea of purple?

and when you say brown, are you referring to my somewhat rusty front brake disc?

Even worse, turns out they

Even worse, turns out they call it "Carica Blue":


It does show quite shockingly pink in your picture. Other incarnations are a bit more purple:


And yes, the somewhat rusty brake disc. Odd sight, I'd say you ride the bike enough, obviously. :-)

Rusty Brakes?!

The rain was heavy in Oregon and that disc like to rust at the slightest excuse.